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Report Datasets


Each report dataset represents a predefined query on the contact centre database.

Choosing a report dataset together with a grouping definition dictates what information is made available from the Contact Centre database and how it is organised and presented in the report.

Where to find this feature

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Open Live Reports from the sidebar.

  3. Click the Reports button.

  4. Select the Create tab.

  5. Open the Data Set drop-down selection list.

1. Report Datasets & Templates

The available report datasets are:

Dataset name


Templates using


Customer transaction data

Agent History

Logged details of an agent's activities over a given period


Agent data

Agent Statistics

Agent Statistics

Call Results

Statistical information on calls that allows contact 
centre management to monitor the performance 
of the predictive dialler


An administrative report dataset

Dialler Attempts

Dialler outcomes totals and percentages for one day
in one campaign using one list

Dialler Current

Information on the current activities of the Dialler


Interaction data for each lead

List Penetration

Statistical information relating to Lead Lists 
over a defined period

Workflow Activities

Information on incoming calls



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