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Billing: Calls Ungrouped


This report provides data on the outbound activities for a specified reporting period

Where to find this template

See Add a Report to your report page for instructions on accessing this report.

About a report based on this template

This is a detailed report with one line per activity.  It uses the Activities dataset from the database.

Grouping is not available. The information is initially presented in chronological order based on the activity timestamp however sorting in ascending or descending order is possible by clicking on a column header.

Filtering is available by:




It is recommended that you limit the campaigns included to currently or very recently active outbound campaigns.


It is recommended that you do not filter on agent.

Call Direction

The available options are: in, out, unknown.

The default setting is Out.

Call Type

The available options are: agent call, call, diverted call, diverted queue call, email, extension, manual call, outbound, SFDC outbound.


It is recommended that you do not filter on DNIS.


Refer to the Timestamp Report Filters for an explanation of these filters.

The default setting for this report is: To Date 8 hours.

Activity Status

The available status options are:

in queue (1)answered (3)voicemail (4)abandoned (5)diverted (8)auto callback (12)cancelled (13)in workflow (14)

 It is recommended that you do not filter on activity status.

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