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Report Templates


Report templates are provided to assist you to get reporting on your contact centre activities quickly and easily.

You cannot change a template, however, you can quickly create a copy of a template which you can then alter to fit your reporting needs. You can reuse a template many times to produce many different report instances.

Template Type


Activities-based Report Templates

Used to report on contact transactional data

Agent History-based Report Templates

Used to report on Agent Toolbar activities

Agent-based Report Templates

Used to report on customer-agent interactions

Agent Statistics-based Report Templates

Provide both detail and summary reports on agent log on statistics

Call Results-based Report Templates

Provide dialler statistics for outbound voice campaigns.

Custom Report Templates

Produce wallboard reports

Dialler Attempts-based Report Template

Used to report on the performance of the dialler for one campaign for a single day.

Dialler Current-based Report Template

Used to report on dialler outcomes for the current day grouped by the hour.

Lead-based Report Template

Used to report on the interaction data for each lead.

List Penetration-based Report Template

Used to track how many contacts on a lead list have been called and how many have been completed.

Workflow Activity-based Report Template

Provides information on incoming calls and their progression through the workflow until answered or terminated.

Selecting the Correct Template

Every database field available to reporting is included in one or more datasets, which are groups of information available from the records of the contact centre.

Let's take the scenario where you want a report that contains information on a particular agent's activities for one day.

  1. Navigate to the page that lists the agent-based templates.

  2. Examine the report descriptions. Initially, Campaign Data Ungrouped looks suitable.

  3. Look at the matrix of fields included in that report using the legend. You can see that the Campaign Data Ungrouped report does not allow filtering by Agent (no blue shading) and can therefore be discounted.


  4. Agent by Agent also looks suitable and it allows filtering by an agent.

  5. To create a report based on this template, follow the instructions on Add a report to your report page. Remember you can rename the new report from "Agent by Agent" to e.g. "John Rambo daily activities".

  6. Edit the copy of the template as described in Report Settings. Limit the time period to one day and filter on the agent's name.

  7. Run the report.

  8. If you see more fields in the report than you need, you can remove them using the Field Selection tool as described in Report Settings.

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