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Workflow Activities Dataset


This definition provides the following information to the report user:

  • What templates are provided by default that use this dataset

  • What fields are included in the dataset and how the field value is calculated, where applicable.

Where to find this feature

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select the Live Reports tab.

  3. Hover over Administration.

  4. Select Reports.

  5. Select the Create tab.

  6. Open the Data Set drop-down selection list.

 The report templates that are based on this dataset include:



Workflow Activity Ungrouped

This report uses the workflow activity dataset from the database.
This is a detail report with one line per workflow activity.

The fields included in the dataset are:



Activity ID

The unique identifying number, assigned by the system, for an activity

Interaction ID

The unique identifying number, assigned by the system, for an interaction


The name of the campaign associated with the activity

DNIS/Dialled Number

The number that was dialled to initiate the activity

Outcome of call

The code used by an agent to summarise the interaction

Workflow Data

This captures the keystrokes entered by the caller when in the workflow

Workflow Activity Date Time

The time stamp when the activity commenced

Data Label

The parameter passed to the workflow with an inbound call.
The workflow parameter is set when a voice channel is configured


The details of the caller activities in the IVR EG which Campaign they joined or if they left a voice message

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