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This definition provides the following information to the report user:

  • What templates are provided by default that use this dataset

  • What fields are included in the dataset and how the field value is calculated, where applicable.

Where to find this feature

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select the Live Reports tab.

  3. Hover over Administration.

  4. Select Reports.

  5. Select the Create tab.

  6. Open the Data Set drop-down selection list.

 The report templates that are based on this dataset include:

Report Name

Report Description

Agent Performance Wallboard

This report provides live details of the statuses of one or more agents as well as the duration since the last change

Campaign Dialler Performance

This is a proprietary report that presents a visual representation of the current or final status of the most recent 100 dial attempts made.

Dialler Progress

This report provides live feedback on the adaptive predictive dialler’s performance using graphs and statistics



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