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Campaign Data Ungrouped


This report provides data on agent-contact interactions.

Where to find this template

See Add a Report to your report page for instructions on accessing this report.

About a report based on this template

This is a detailed report showing each agent interaction on one row.  It uses the Agents dataset from the database. 

This report has the potential to include a very large amount of data and to seriously degrade the performance of the contact centre while the report is being generated. Please exercise care when first creating this report by sensible selection of filters.

Filtering is available by:




Select the name of the campaign(s) you wish to be included in the report.


If more than one campaign is included in this report then only campaign data fields that are common across the selected campaigns are displayed in the report.

Call Outcome

Select the call outcomes(s) you wish to be included in the report.


Refer to the Timestamp Report Filters for an explanation of these filters.
The default setting for this report is: To Date 8 hours.

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