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Call Results by Campaign (Compliance)


This report can be used to track conformance to Statutory Regulations in regard to Abandoned Calls.

The algorithms used in this report are from the Ofcom policy document: Revised statement of policy on the persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service. They take account of calls dropped by AMD as well as those dropped because no agent is available.

Where to find this template

See Add a Report to your report page for instructions on accessing this report.

About a report based on this template

This report is a summary report with one row per campaign.  It uses the Call Results dataset from the database.

If Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is disabled then the Assumed False Positive Rate is not required.

Filtering is available by:




There is no default filter set on this field


Refer to the Timestamp Report Filters for an explanation of these filters.
The default setting for this report is: To Date 7 Days.



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