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Resources are files and features that can be used in multiple campaigns.

The contact centre resources are:

Chat Canned Responses

The Chat Canned Responses module allows you to view, search, add, and maintain chat responses.

Chat Themes

The Chat Themes module allows you to create an enterprise-wide or campaign-specific chat design. 

Dialler Strategies

The Dialler Strategies module allows you to create, edit, and maintain strategies that any outbound voice campaign can use to determine the way a dialler works with a leads list assigned to the campaign. 

Email Templates

The Email Templates module allows you to create and maintain the templates used for emails sent from the contact centre.


The Files module allows you to upload and manage files which are then available as resources to the campaigns.


Used in conjunction with the Apply Schedule workflow object, the Schedules module allows you to create and maintain working schedules for your campaigns.  The Apply Schedule workflow object will check the selected schedule  and return a result of in hours or out of hours; you can then decide how you want calls treated for both results by adding the appropriate objects in the workflow.

Pause Reasons

Create the Pause Reasons available to Agents

Transfer Pool

The Transfer Pool module allows you to enter and manage transfer destinations which are made available to one or more campaigns.


The Workflows module allows you to build inbound call workflows that manage the caller's experience prior to an agent answering the call.

Wrap Code Pool

The Wrap Code Pool module allows you to create, edit, and maintain wrap codes used by agents when completing an interaction.

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