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Workspace Modules


The Workspace has 7 core modules which are explained further in the following pages. Click on the links below to find out more::

  1. Administration

  2. Channels

  3. Resources

  4. Campaigns

  5. Management

  6. Live Reports

1. Dashboard

  1. Workspace main menu

  2. Search for an agent by name

  3. Global search

  4. Notifications

  5. User Menu

  6. Clear unsuccessful logouts

  7. Live Agent Status Summary - displays the current status of agents on calls, waiting, and available

  8. Live Agents Online Details - displays a list with the details of the agents currently online. Agents can be logged out from here by clicking the [ … ] icon

  9. Call Monitoring - if an agent is currently on a call, a link will display to launch call monitoring.

  10. Click Help to find more information from the Knowledge Hub

  11. Click to minimise or expand the Workspace main menu panel

 2. Live Agent Status Summary



Agents handling calls

Displays the count of Agents active and in a call state such as dialling, talking or wrapping

Agents awaiting calls

Displays the count of Agents currently waiting for calls to be allocated

Agents online

Displays the total count of Agents currently online

3. Agents Online Details




Displays the Agents ID


Displays the Agent Full Name


Displays the current status of the agent

Logged In

Displays the log in timestamp for the current session of the agent


If the agent is currently on a call, an option to initiate call monitoring is displayed

3. Agent Monitoring


  • Go to the Workspace Dashboard and select Click to start agent monitoring next to the agent to open the Monitor agent dialog box

  • Enter a valid number to conduct the monitoring session on and click Call to initiate monitoring

  • An incomplete or invalid number will show the following alert:

  • When Call is clicked, the Monitor agent dialog window will show the following message while the number entered is being dialled:

  • Once connected, the Dashboard will indicate that the agent monitoring session is active:

Call Monitoring Controls

While monitoring a call, the user can utilise the following controls with their dialpad:

What to enter on dial pad?

What does it do?


Enable whisper functionality-
User can talk to Agent, the caller can't hear the User but can still hear the Agent


Enable barge functionality (Conference)-
Agent, User, and Caller can speak to each other


Return to the default listen-only functionality

4. User Menu

My Profile

The 'My Profile' section allows a user to view and update their details including email and password. Information such as the last login and the Version of ipSCAPE being used is also highlighted.

4. Global Search

The Smart Search is new functionality introduced in Version 8 which helps workspace users easily find the feature, module, settings, or a specific record.

  1. Click the Search icon in the top right corner, which is available on every page in the workspace

  2. Select a recently viewed page or type a word to search the workspace, for example, “Campaigns“

  3. Any results will be displayed under the search bar

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