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The Notifications module allows you to broadcast notification messages throughout the Workspace, Agent Toolbar or to a specific Agent. The notifications are presented to people when they login to the Workspace, Toolbar, or both as specified when the notification is created. 

Notification management module has restricted access. The access is controlled in User Management.

Where to find the Notifications module 

  1. Open the Workspace

  2. Select Notifications from the Administration menu

In Version 8, there is now a single type of notification which is displayed as a message in the top-centre of the screen. When clicked the user will be directed to the Notifications page. The Notifications icon will also indicate the number of updates available in a red circle.

Agent Toolbar view

Workspace view

Notifications also have the following display settings:

  • Show in the Agent Toolbar only

  • Show in the Workspace only

  • Show to Agent Toolbar and Workspace Users

  • Show to specific Campaigns or Teams

2. Add or edit a Notification

  • Open the Workspace.

  • Select Notifications from the Administration menu

    1. To create a new message, click the Create new notification button

    2. To edit an existing message, click on the notification from the list or the (…) icon to the right of the record to open the Edit dialog window

When updating a notification it will be processed as though it is a new notification. When saved it will be broadcast not only to any new users but also to those users who have already seen it.

Notifications have the following properties:

Field Name



Enter the text to be displayed in the notification.

Start date and time

Enter the date and time when the notification will first be displayed.

End date and time

Enter the date and time when the notification will cease to be displayed.

Display in

Select from: WorkspaceToolbar, or All.

Select By

Select from: 

All - the notification will be sent to all Agents and Workspace users

Agent Name/ID - select the Agents you wish to send the notification to

Campaign Name - select Campaign name(s) and all the Agents on them will receive the notification

Team - select the Teams you wish to send the notification to

Notification type

Select from: BannerPop Up, or Message.

4. Display Notifications

For each record, the list displays the following details:



Click the Selection checkbox to the left of a record to select that notification record

Created by

The name of the creator, or the most recent editor of the notification

Start On

The date and time when the notification is to be first displayed

End On

The date and time when the notification is to be discontinued


A preview of the notification text is displayed

The Options icon appears if the mouse pointer is located above a row. When clicked, options for Edit and Delete are shown

5. Search Notifications

If you know some keywords of the notification text, enter it into the Quick Search field and press enter to show any notifications containing them


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