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TTS (Text-to-Speech) Profiles


This module enables you to choose different voices for the Text to Speech function that are available in your Inbound Workflows.

Text to Speech Profiles

From the ipSCAPE workspace select Integration – TTS Profiles to view the list of profiles created.

The default TTS profile uses the voice of Rachel, however, there are many other TTS voices to choose from.

1. Creating a new Text to Speech Profile

  1. Select Integration – Text to Speech Profiles - + to add a new profile

  2. Name your new profile & select the voice you wish to use by clicking on the button next to the name

  3. Select Save at the bottom right of the page

  4. You now have a new profile

  5. If it is not yet in use the delete box will be available to the left of the profile

  6. Once it has been used, in a sound file or workflow object, the delete button will not display 

It is important to note that when you create a profile using a voice in another language, you need to understand that language in order to create your own sound files.  ipSCAPE Text to Speech does not deliver a translation service.

Text to Speech (TTS) can be used to create sound files and is now embedded within the following ipSCAPE workflow objects, click one to find out more:

2. Text to Speech Pricing

Text to speech is provided free for the first 10 minutes of use per month,  thereafter charges will apply.   Please speak with your ipSCAPE Account Manager for information on Text to Speech pricing.

3. Creating a Text to Speech Report

A new report has been added that will allow you to view the amount of TTS time you have used within a given time period.  As billing is based on monthly usage, we have provided instructions on how to generate a monthly report.

From the ipSCAPE workspace select the Live Reports tab

  • Administration – Reports – Create tab

  • Data Set = Custom

  • Grouping = Text to Speech Usage

  • Enter the Report Title


  • Check all Fields

  • On the Filters tab – Condition = To-Date & Value = Month

  • Select Create Report, then Put on Report Page

The report will show you total usage per month, per voice used, with the total time for all voices shown on the bottom.

Only TTS sound files played within Resources & workflows will add usage to this report. 

Previewing the Text to Speech Profiles in Integrations will not add to usage to this report.

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