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Web Services


This is an advanced feature that will require prior knowledge of Web Services/APIs. If you do not see this option enabled. Please contact the ipSCAPE support team or your account manager to enable it.

Web services is a powerful tool that enables Workspace users to connect a Workflow to any REST API enabled database or service via the 'Web Service Connector' object. This means that you can feed information gathered in your IVR to an external database and then return the response from the database into your IVR, for example, you could give callers a prompt to enter a reference number for their booking, and the Web Service would then query your booking system and return a status to your IVR which could be spoken by the 'Say Text' object or forwarded to an agent with the relevant skills using the 'Branch on Value' object.

To view more information about Web Service Connector for Workflows here: Web Service Connector

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