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Select Option


This object provides a digital menu allowing callers to determine the course their workflow takes.

1. An Example Scenario

The caller is played a soundfile in which a menu of options is offered to them, e.g. "To report a stolen card, press one. To request a new card, press two. To speak to an operator, press three."

They make their choice by pressing a number on their phone's keypad and they enter a separate branch of the workflow accordingly.

2. Add Workflow Object

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Workflows from the Resources menu.

  3. Select a workflow from the list displayed (you can also create a new one).

  4. Click the Preview icon next to your selected workflow. A schematic representation of the workflow is displayed.

  5. Click the Add New Object icon  The New Workflow Object dialog opens.

  6. Choose Select Option from the drop-down selection list.

When including Select Option in your automated workflow, add the following details:


What you should do

Workflow Object Title

Enter a meaningful name for your new object.

Data Label

Enter the textual label that will be saved in the record of this object's execution in the ivr_activities table.

Input Timeout Period

Select the maximum number of seconds the caller will be allowed to start entering a menu option before the call is either terminated or redirected down a defined path. In the workflow this is marked with a T where you can add further objects to define what the caller experience after the Timeout period is finished.

Explanatory Prompt

Select the pre-recorded soundfile that will explain to the caller what options are available.


Click the check box next to each number (0-9, *, #) to enable the caller options mentioned in the Explanatory Prompt. If a caller enters a number that has not been enabled they will be returned to the Explanatory Prompt to re-enter a valid option, if the caller enters an invalid number 3 times the call is terminated.

Click Save to keep your new object and to return to the Workflow Builder.

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