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Maintain Position in Queue


Call Centre Managers can configure workflows that give their customers the option to request a call back from the Agent but still maintain their position in the queue after they have hung up the phone.

1. An Example Scenario

Examples of Call Scenarios

  • If a CLI is present an option to select 1 to receive a callback on the current number

  • If a CLI is present an option to select 2 to change the number

  • Else, if the CLI is anonymous an option to enter a phone number 

2. Add Workflow Object

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Workflows from the Resources menu.

  3. Select a workflow from the list displayed (you can also create a new one). A schematic representation of the workflow is displayed.

  4. Click the Add Workflow Object button. The New Workflow Object dialog opens.

  5. Select Maintain Position in Queue from the drop-down selection list.

 Definition of Queue Position

  • When you are the first person in the Queue AND an agent is available when the callback is made

  • When one call is in the Queue ahead of you, the callback will occur

When the Maintain Position in Queue object is included in the workflow, enter the following details:



Workflow object title

Enter a meaningful name for your new object.

Threshold queue position

The number in queue before the caller when the callback is made

Callback Announcement

Announcement that is played to the Customer when we connect and put them in the Queue


Shows the Join Queue or IJQ Object in the workflow

Phone Number

Defined as %activities: activity_source%

Maximum Retries

This is the number of times the Dialler retries if they don't connect the first time

Answering machine detection (AMD)

  • If AMD is turned off, the Dialler will route a voicemail to an Agent. 

If AMD is turned on, when answering the callback, Agent should ensure they say "Hello" otherwise the system will disconnect you. 

If the Customer misses the callback, they will go to the back of the current queue and the Dialler will retry when they come back to the head of the Queue.

A MPIQ request will be Cancelled if not called back after 10 hours. This includes cases where the MPIQ request is made near the end of contact center operational hours when all agents log out and a call back is unable to be made until next day or week.

3. Additional Notes

  • If you are capturing digits in the original workflow, (e.g. to pass to CRM), the MPIQ will store the digits that have been captured and present them to the Agent when it connects. Agent Callback and Queue Callback will be considered fresh interactions and the captured digits will not be retained.

  • If a "Maintain Position in Queue" is outstanding from the previous day, the call will be dialled as soon as an Agent logs in and becomes available ("Ready" state). Note that the schedule associated with the Campaign is not checked. If a Campaign opens at 09:00 and an Agent logs in and makes themselves available at 07:00, the first outstanding MPIQ outstanding from the previous date will be called at 07:00.

  • If you wish to let Agents know that the inbound call is from an MPIQ Callback, you can add a "Branch on Value" that can never be reached with another Join Queue Object routing to the same queue but with an MPIQ whisper. You can then use this as the Queue in the MPIQ object. 

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