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Agent Phonebook

The Phonebook feature allows the call centre Agent to display phone numbers configured from the Transfer Pool as a speed dial list for Agents to use.

As a Workspace user, to enable this feature:

  • Add the desired number under Workspace → Resources → Transfer Pool if it does not already exist.

  • Select the “Available in Phonebook” checkbox and Save.

  • This number will now appear under the Phonebook icon in the Toolbar.

As a Toolbar Agent, to use this feature:

  • Select the Phonebook icon from the Toolbar Header

  • Select the Number to Call from the first dropdown - this list will contain all options which have been configured by a Workspace Administrator

  • Next, select the Campaign to associate the call with. For the following example, we have created a specific Campaign named “Agent Phonebook Calls

  • Once ready to make the call, click Call

  • The Agent Toolbar will display information and call controls the same as a normal Manual Outbound call

Screenshot 2024-04-02 163854.png

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