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Web Connect


ipSCAPE offers numerous options for connectivity to establish a voice path for an agent.

Modernise your contact centre with ipSCAPE's Web Connect which facilitates calls directly through the web browser without the need for a soft-phone, desk phone, or plug-ins.

Web Connect can be used to login for all instances of ipSCAPE through the Agent toolbar or through your CRM using the CTI adaptor.

1. Requirements

  • Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge Browsers (latest 3 versions) 

  • 100kbps bandwidth per connected workstation. To check your network, click here to run a speed test for your current device or workstation.

2. Receiving Inbound Calls on a Non-Persistent Connection

  • A call will be heard through your computer (please check your volume settings) and you will receive an Inbound Call notification as a pop-up in your browser. 

  • Click once on the notification to Answer 

  • The call will be connected & the icon will change on the Web Connect browser tab 

3. Using the Number Pad to send DTMF tones

  • Select the number pad icon on the right of the Enter phone number input, enter the number, select a campaign (if applicable), and click Call number

3. Web Connect Troubleshooting

  • If you close the Web Connect tab you may see the following warning message. If you select Leave, your voice path will be dropped

  • If the voice path has been lost a Voice Disconnected alert will display briefly at the top of the toolbar and Connect Voice will appear in orange next to the voice queue.

  • To re-establish the voice path, click Connect Voice and connect by your preferred connection mode



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