The Workspace has 6 core modules which are explained further in the following pages:

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There is also a second tab for reports

1. Agents Online

The Online Agents feature provides an overview of all connected agents and their respective status. A manager can also use this feature to perform Agent Call Monitoring as well as to Force Log Out an agent. The status of each online agent is updated every 8 seconds.

Action Items

At the top of the list are three action icons:



Click the Refresh icon to cause the display of logged-in agents to be refreshed.

Click the Search icon to open a search box used to filter the display of logged-in agents. This filter acts on any section of the text displayed in the table.

Click the Clear Unsuccessful Logouts icon to clean up the system by fully logging out any agents who have only partially logged out.

Field Definitions

The list displays one row for each agent who is currently logged in (either partially or fully). Each row contains the following fields:



The Agent icon, which indicates by its colour the current state of the agent. See below for an explanation of the colours used.

Logged Out Status

If the agent is partially logged out, a red padlock icon is displayed. Examples of issues that could result in a partial logout are:

  • The agent closes the browser tab without logging out.

  • The agent's computer crashes.

  • The agent logs out from the Agent Toolbar but was not logged out from the phone (which should happen automatically).

Agent Id

A numeric Agent ID used as the primary identifier of the agent within the system.


First Name and Last Name of the agent.

& Time

The date and time, displayed in your time zone, at which the agent logged in or when their status last changed.

Click the Logout icon to log out this agent. The agent will be logged out completely, irrespective of their initial state.
You will be prompted to confirm the logout process. Click OK to confirm or Cancel to discontinue the process.

Click the Monitor icon to join the current call for that agent. If no call is in progress an alert message will inform you. See Agent Monitoring below.

Agent Icon colours

The agent icon is presented in different colours depending on the current state of the agent. The colours used are:



Agent Busy

Agent Away

Agent On Hold

Agent Wrapping

Agent Waiting

Agent Manual Previewing

Agent Dialling

Agent Previewing

Agent Emailing

Agent is in the process of logging in and is on the connection method screen of the UI or when they have not registered their phone yet

2. Monitor Agent

This feature enables you to listen to calls without the agent or the caller being aware.

  1. Login to the ipSCAPE Workspace

    1. Browse to the Administrator Workspace

    2. Enter your workspace credentials

  2. Identify agents on calls 

    1. From the home screen in ipSCAPE, you will be able to see those agents currently talking on calls

    2. The monitoring button will appear in black next to their name


  3. Initiate silent monitoring 

    1. Select the monitor agent icon

    2. Enter your phone number & select start monitoring


    3. The system will call you on the number entered and you will be in silent monitor state (neither the agent nor the caller will hear you)

    4. Select 5 on your handset to coach an agent (where they can hear you but the caller cannot)

    5. Select 6 to barge-in & join the call (where all parties can hear you)

    6. Select 5 to return to coaching or 4 to return to silent monitor

    7. Hang up when you are finished

3. My Account

Every Workspace user has a My Account space, in which user preferences and messages can be viewed.

  1. Log in to the Workspace.

  2. Scroll over your Login Name in the top right-hand side of the Workspace and select My Account. 



Here you can see your user name, your login name, your most recent login timestamp, and all campaigns to which you have access.

You can change your password or change your default email address

This tab displays all the system notifications distributed in the message format

 Change Password

This feature is used to change your Workspace password. If you were assigned a password by your Workspace Administrator, you can use this feature to change your password. 


If your administration team has enabled the Force Password Change feature then you will be obliged to change your password when you first log in.

Password complexity is dictated by the Organisation Security Settings, which are set by your administration team

Use this dialog to change your current Login Password.

  1. Enter your existing password.

  2. Enter the new password.
    You can not include your User Name or your Login Name as part of the password.

  3. Re-enter the new password. The two entries must be identical. 


A Notification can be displayed in one of three formats. This is how to view notifications that were distributed in the message format:

  • New messages will be flagged by a red icon over your username located at the top right-hand side of the Workspace

  • Messages are given an expiry date after which they will no longer be visible here

  • New, unread messages have an orange sidebar

  • Click the Read icon to indicate that a message has been read

4. Search dialled numbers

The Cloud Contact Centre Solution maintains records of all the phone numbers which have been dialled and their associated details. This Search Dialled Numbers feature allows you to search for a specific number that has been dialled either by the system or by the agents via manual call dialling.

  1. Enter a number to be used for the search. For example, enter "02" to get a list of all records involving phone numbers with that prefix.


    You can use one of several number formats: e.g.

    • in London, E164 format +44 20 7379 4334 or National format 020 7379 4334

    • in Singapore, E164 format +65 6 836 4100 or National format 6 836 4100

    • in Canberra, E164 format +61 2 6216 0100 or National format 02 6216 0100.

  2. Click Search. A list of the 100 most recently dialled matching contact interaction records, for all campaigns, is displayed. This list shows all matching numbers that have been dialled by the system, whether automatically by the predictive dialler, or manually, using the preview dialler or the manual call facility. The list shows the result of each dial attempt, as many dial attempts may not actually result in an answered call.

  3. Enter additional numbers, e.g. "0289", to narrow the search for matching records.

The data displayed for each dial attempt is:



Date & Time

The date and time stamp when the call was made


The name of the campaign associated with the call

Lead ID

The unique identifying code for the lead associated with the call

Phone Number

The number dialled


The call outcome

5. Password Reset

On the login page to the workspace a password reset link is available. This feature is only available to Workspace Users. Agent Toolbar Users are not able to reset their passwords. Agents wanting to reset their passwords must contact a workspace user with the correct access level to request password changes.

To take advantage of this feature: 

  • A default email channel needs to be defined and working

  • The user must have an email address in their profile

  • Only Active users can reset their password

When the user clicks the reset password link:

  • The user receives a temporary password reset email

  • A direct link to login without typing the temporary password manually in the password reset email

  • The user will be required to change their password when they log in with their temporary password

  • The temporary password is valid for 24 hours only

To enable this feature please contact your platform administrator.

Please note: User configured as LDAP should not be able to reset the password using this feature.