The Voice Channels module allows you to view the available voice channels and manage their configuration and deployment.

Voice Channels are phone numbers that external parties can call in order to access the contact centre.
This feature allows the administrator to enter and manage DNIS numbers, agent access numbers, and CLIs.

Commonly, these voice channels are used for Dialled Number Identification Service (DNIS) and, in call centres, the DNIS has become synonymous with inbound phone number. Alternatively, a voice channel might function as a Caller Line Identification (CLI) number or as a number used for Agent Login.

Allocation of a voice channel to a call centre is a configuration process that is done outside of the Workspace. That is, a call centre will have a certain number of channels allocated to it, and these can be seen when the Voice Channel display is selected.

1. Edit Voice Channel

Voice Channels are preconfigured by your Service Provider. This feature allows you to configure a Voice Channel by assigning a DNIS to a Workflow.

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Voice from the Channels menu.

  3. Click the Edit icon to the right of the record and the Edit Voice Channel dialog opens. 

Voice channels have the following properties:


What you should do

Channel Name

Enter a Meaningful Name to assist other workspace users to understand how this channel is used


Select a Workflow from the drop down list. All calls to this channel will then be sent to this workflow

Workflow Parameter

Enables you to enter a value that will be passed to the Workflow associated with this Voice Channel - the default is blank.

If you do use the field all incoming calls to this number will be tagged with this parameter which can be used to divert the call to the correct Campaign or Agent. An example of this would be where several numbers point to one Workflow, callers that dialled a particular number are routed on the based on the value in this field

Use as inbound number with workflow

Click this if you want to use this number as an inbound number associated with a customer facing IVR

Use as Agent Login number

Click in the checkbox to identify this number as one that will be used for Agent Login

A voice channel designated as an Agent Login number cannot also be linked to a workflow. When saving changes to a voice channel, an error message will alert you if this combination has been selected.

Use as Agent Direct in Dial number

Click to give this number to an agent as their direct line, once ticked you need to select the Agent and Campaign that you would like the calls to this number to be associated with. If this option is checked the Workflow chosen above will define what happens if the agent is not available when the call comes in. For more information go to this article about Direct In Dial

This feature is not enabled by default, if you do not see it please contact your platform operator to enable - charges may apply

Use as CLI

Click in the checkbox to identify this number as one that will be offered for selection as a CLI.
When unchecking this box while the CLI is in use a pop up will indicate the Campaigns and Workflows using it for ease of locating it 

CLI Format

If the number is to be used as a CLI, select a number format from the drop-down list. Choose International or National.
The default is International.

For example, in Singapore the international format is +65 6 836 4100 and the national format is 6 836 4100

The International telephone format is based on the E.164 standard

2. Display Voice Channels

This feature allows you to navigate the voice channels as well as to manage their configuration.

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Voice from the Channels menu.

The Voice Channels List shows the selected Voice Channels and, for each, displays the following details:




The DNIS (i.e. incoming phone number) in full international format

Channel Name

The Name that has been assigned to this channel.


The name of the Workflow that processes any incoming calls to this channel.

Workflow Parameter

The value of the Parameter that is passed to the Workflow that processes any incoming calls to this channel.


If this voice channel is in use as a CLI number, then this field is ticked 

CLI Format

If this voice channel is in use as a CLI number, which format is used: International or National.

Agent Login Number

If this voice channel is in use as an Agent Login, then this field is ticked 

Action Icon

Click the Edit icon  to open the Edit Voice Channel dialog.

Quick Search

To search for specific Voice Channels, you can either perform a Quick Search on the DNIS or Channel Name using the search box at the top of the screen,

Search Options

This advanced search feature allows you to reduce the list of voice channels displayed by adding one or more search criteria.

  1. Click Search Options to open the advanced search options.

  2. Enter your search criteria.

  3. Click Search.

The search criteria include:




Enter the DNIS (i.e. phone number or a partial number) of the Voice Channel of interest

Channel Name

Enter the Name assigned to this Voice Channel


Enter the Name of the Workflow that will process any incoming calls to this channel

Workflow Parameter

Enter text to be used to locate a channel with a matching Workflow Parameter.

3. DNIS - Carrier flag and Status 

In the “Channels-Voice” module a flag shows the status of the carrier.

This enables the Contact Centre manager to configure dial-in numbers with primary and secondary termination points that can be used to quickly failover if one carrier is suffering an outage.

A green flag indicates a status of “up”, yellow means “degraded” while red translates to a status of being “Down”.

Note: This feature is not enabled by default and you may have to contact your platform operator to take advantage of this feature.