The Users module allows you to create and manage workspace user profiles. User is the term used in the Cloud Contact Centre to denote all contact centre staff that are authorised to access the Workspace in the performance of their duties, which might include some of the following roles:

  • System Administrator

  • Agent Team Leader

  • Campaign Administrator

  • Quality Manager

  • Contact Centre Manager

This feature allows a suitably authorised user to create and maintain other users' profiles, details, and permissions.

1. Add or Edit User

This feature is used to create and configure new workspace user profiles or to edit existing ones.

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Users from the Administration menu

    1. To create a new user profile, click the Add icon 

    2. To edit an existing user profile, click the Edit icon to the right of the record.

User Details

Input the new user's details as described in the following table:


What you should do

First Name

Enter the First Name. Use only alphanumeric characters and spaces. An apostrophe or hyphen is permitted.

Last Name

Enter the Last Name. Use only alphanumeric characters and spaces. An apostrophe or hyphen is permitted.


The Username must be a unique identifier. It can contain any alphanumeric characters except those listed as Prohibited Characters.

Email Address

Enter a valid email address for this user, one which is unique to this user across the organisation.

Job Title

Enter the user's job title

LDAP Enabled

LDAP can be configured at one or more of three levels: System, Tenant, or Organisation. The default setting is Organisation.
Your service provider may offer an LDAP service at the System or Tenant level.
You can configure an organisation-level LDAP service in the Organisation Settings.

LDAP User Name

Enter the name known to the LDAP server for this user.

LDAP Level

The default setting is Organisation.


The Password must comply with the password policy established by the Administration Team, and set in Organisation Settings.
This field is not visible when LDAP is enabled. 

Please note that User will be forced to change their password at first login.

Timezone Settings

Enter the Timezone in which the user is located by selecting the region, and the specific timezone within that region, from the drop-down lists. This is used when displaying times for events that are specific to the user - for example, the user's last logged in date and time.

The fields in the drop-down lists are those used in the IANA Timezone database (see IANA Timezone database). The IANA convention is to refer to timezones using a concatenation of the region and the local timezone description, separated by a '/' character. For example, "Australia/Sydney".

User Role

Select the User Role to be assigned to this user. User Roles must be set up before adding or editing a User. 

2. Display Users

This feature allows you to navigate the list of Workspace user-profiles registered in the contact centre.

From this list, you can add new user profiles, edit existing ones, remove obsolete ones, or simply view a profile's details.

A list of user records is displayed. For each user, the list displays the following details:



Click the Selection icon to select the user.


This icon is black when the user login status is enabled and is grey when its login status is disabled.
The enable/disable control is located in both the Add User and Edit User dialogs.

User ID

The User ID is displayed.


The Username is displayed.

First Name

The First Name of the user is displayed.

Last Name

The Last Name of the user is displayed.

Email Address

The email address that will be used to deliver broadcasts and to share reports.


The Timezone in which the user will work.

An Edit icon appears if the mouse pointer is located above a row.

If this is clicked, the Edit User dialog is opened.

3. Quick Search

If you know the User ID or User Name, enter it, or a part of it, into the Quick Search field and click the Search icon to locate the User with that ID.

Search Options

This advanced search feature allows you to reduce the list of users displayed by adding one or more search criteria.

  1. Click Search Options to open the advanced search options.

  2. Enter your search criteria.

  3. Click Search.

The search criteria include:

Search Parameter

How to use this control

First Name

Enter the first few characters or all of the first name.

Last Name

Enter the first few characters or all of the last name.


Enter the first few characters or all of the username.

User ID

Enter the first few digits or all of the user ID.

User Status

Select from All, Active-Only, or Inactive Only.