The Transfers module allows you to assign one or more transfer destinations to a campaign — from a pool of available transfer destinations — so that they are available to an agent working on that campaign.

Where to find the Transfers module

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Transfers from the Campaigns menu.

  3. Select the Campaign you would like to assign transfers to in the top right corner

Quick Search

If you know either the transfer description or the destination, enter it into the Quick Search field and click the Search icon to locate that transfer.

1. Transfer Details

Each row of the list contains the following fields:

Column Name


Transfer Type

Select from: phone, agent, workflow, or extension.


A textual description of the transfer.


This is the data required by the system in order to process the transfer. If entering a phone number, please use the International format with no spaces EG +61XXXXXXXXX

2. Assign Transfer

  1. Click the Assign Transfer icon to open the Assign Transfer to Campaign dialog:

    This dialog has two panes: 

    1. The left pane lists all the available unassigned transfer destinations. Click a Transfer Destination in the left pane to move it to the assigned list.

    2. The right pane lists all the transfer destinations assigned to the selected campaign. Click a Transfer Destination in the right pane to remove it from the assigned list.

  2. If you tick 'Allow entering phone number' you enable Agents to make manual transfers where they can enter any phone number to transfer to,  they need to use the International format with no spaces EG +61XXXXXXXXX