A Team is a group of Agents and Users that perform similar functions, e.g. work on the same campaign, and can be assigned to the same Team.

A Team can be Public or Private. By default, any new Team created is PUBLIC until such time as the User changes its permission. PUBLIC teams are visible to everyone. PRIVATE Teams are only visible to Users and Agents in that team.

Where to find the Teams module

  • Open the Workspace.

  • Hover over the Administration menu.

  • Select Teams. The first page of a list of Teams is displayed. 

1. Add or Edit a Team 

To add a new User, Agent, Campaign, or Pause Reason you must first set up a Team. To do this, go to the Administration Menu and select Teams:

When you select “Teams” you will be presented with the following screen:

To add a new team, click on the “+” icon at the top of the page. When you click on the “+” icon, you will be presented with the following screen:

Add the name of the Team, Agents, Campaigns, and Pause Reasons then select Save. This completes the process of setting up a Team.

2. Display a Team

This feature allows you to navigate the list of available Teams in the contact centre.

From this list, you can add teams, edit existing ones, remove obsolete ones, or simply view a team's details.

The list displays the following details:



Team Name

The names of the Teams are displayed.


The number of Users assigned to the Team is displayed.


The number of Agents assigned to the Team is displayed


The number of Campaigns assigned to the Team is displayed

Pause Reasons

The number of Pause Reasons assigned to the Team is displayed.

An Edit icon appears if the mouse pointer is located above a row. If this is clicked, the Edit Team dialog is opened.

This icon appears next to each Team. If this is clicked, the Add Team dialog is opened.