This Quality Assurance module allows you to create QA questions and scoring, and allocate voice interactions to QA Agents for review, and allows QA Agents to listen to and score voice call recordings against the QA questions, and report on the results.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance occurs when an authorised contact centre employee listens to a voice call recording of an agent-contact interaction to assure that the agent followed the campaign script accurately.

  1. The Campaign Manager assigns calls to a QA Agent. 

  2. The QA Agent listens to the call recording and completes an on-line form which contains questions to which the QA Agent needs to provide a response. QA Agents are created in Administration by selecting QA Agent in the User Permissions.

  3. Each response allocates a certain number of points to the final score for the call, which will either pass or fail based on the final score.

  4. The Campaign Manager views the results and exports the data.

Where to find the Quality Assurance module

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Quality Assurance from the Management menu. 

1. Filter Calls to be assessed

  1. Use the Select Campaign list to nominate the campaign being assessed.

  2. Use the Select Wrap Codes list to specify which call outcomes are to be assessed, or click on Select All.

  3. Use the Select Agents list to specify which agents are to be assessed, or click on Select All.

  4. Use the Select QA Agents list to specify which QA Agents will perform the assessment.

  5. Set the Period from and Period to dates.

  6. Set the QA Status, if required, selecting one or more from: UnassignedIncompletePass, and Fail by clicking the check boxes.

  7. Click Show Calls. A list of calls matching your filters is displayed.

Based on the filter results the call records will be listed with the following data:



Interaction ID

A unique identifier for the call record


The name of the campaign in which the record was created


The name of the agent who participated on the call

Wrap Code

The wrap code that was logged at the conclusion of the call


The time and date stamp logged at the conclusion of the call

QA Agent

The QA Agent to whom the record has been assigned

QA Status

The pass/fail status of the call record

Select Max 100

A check box next to each call record allows that record to be selected for an action. The check box in the header will select 100 records.

Click the Call Details icon to open the Call Details dialog.

Click the QA Details icon to open the QA Details dialog.
This icon is only visible to the QA Agent to whom the call has been assigned.

Click the Play Recording icon to open the View Call Recording dialog.

2. Assign Calls to a QA Agent

  1. Select the calls you wish to assign to a QA Agent.

  2. Click Assign QA Agent. The Assign Call dialog opens.

  3. Select a QA Agent from the drop down selection list.

  4. Click Assign QA Agent. The dialog closes.
    If no QA Agents are available, click the Close Window icon  to close the dialog.

3. Export Calls

  1. Click Export Calls to generate a csv report on QA Activities.

  2. Click Here in the text "Click HERE to download" to open the report in Excel.

4. Audit the call

  1. Click the Play Recording icon to open the View Call Recording dialog.

  2. Listen to the call recording. Click Done.

  3. Click the QA Details icon to open the QA Details dialog

    which displays the QA Questions and Display Data that the Campaign Manager has specified for the QA process for a particular campaign. Each Question has a list of possible answers.

  4. Answer the questions using the selection lists.

  5. Add any notes you see as appropriate.

  6. Click Save QA Details.

 5. Quality Assurance Setup

This feature can be used to design the QA Assessment.

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Quality Assurance from the Management menu.

  3. Click QA Setup. If required, select the campaign for which you are creating an assessment.

The Set-Up function allows you to create the questions for the QA Agent and the possible responses. Each response can have a different point allocation.

On the Setup screen, you have the ability to set the pass mark for each call and create the questions. The maximum score is 100 points.

What you are doing is creating the QA script for the selected campaign.

The form is broken into sections, or categories of questions, and the questions themselves.

  1. Click New Section to create a section, e.g. "Introduction", or "Agent Evaluation".

  2. Click New Question to create the questions for this section, as described in the following table.


What you should do

Question Name

Enter a short name for the question, e.g. "Call Recording"

Question Text

Enter the text of the question, e.g. "Does the agent tell the contact that the call is being recorded?"


These are the answers from which the QA Agent can select. Click the Add icon to add more answers.


Enter the text of the different answers, e.g. "Yes", "No".

Fail Record

Click on the check box next to an answer that will cause the call to fail regardless of the points total, e.g. If answering "No" to "Does the agent tell the contact that the call is being recorded?" is an instant fail, then click the checkbox next to "No".


These are the points allocated for a particular answer, if selected.
You can allocate either positive or negative points.

Click on Display Settings

This function enables you to set the customer data fields that you would like the QA agent to see when marking the call. It also allows you to set the data fields that will be exported with the QA reports.

Data Export Fields allows you to select the customer data that will be included when any QA reports are exported.

QA Details allows you to select the customer data that the QA agent will see on their screen – it can be useful if the QA agent needs to check a few pieces of data like the customer’s name.

Import QA scorecards

This functionality enables you to import QA scorecards an existing questionnaire from another campaign

  1. On the QA Set up screen, choose the campaign you want to import a new scorecard into and click "Import"

  2. In the pop-up, use the dropdown to choose the campaign from which you want to import from

  3. Tick the check box if you wish to "Replace entire quality assurance"

  4. Confirm by hitting the button "Import"