As we have added more functionality to the product some of these videos are a little out of date, where this has happened links, and notes have been provided to give more information. Replacements will be recorded soon!

There is more detailed written information here:

Email Campaign Configuration Details

This video sequence will take you through the process of creating an Email Campaign:

1. How to Create an Email Campaign

Teams now need to be added to Campaigns

Assigned Teams

Go to the Assigned Teams Tab

  1. In the Is Assigned column select All

  2. Select the Teams you would like to add the Agent to

  3. Press the Add button in the header

  4. Press Save

If the relevant Team doesn’t display you can create in the Teams module in the Administration menu


2. How to Configure an Email Channel

3. How to Add Wrap Codes to a Campaign

4. How to Add Agents to a Campaign