An email campaign involves contact centre agents receiving emails from an email channel, and replying to them. The details of the mailbox from which the emails are retrieved, and sent, are defined in Email Channels.

The purpose of Email Campaigns is to provide a destination for these emails, which will be automatically delivered to the email channels based on the email filters defined in the email channel.

All Email Records can be viewed in Emails.

See Create a simple email campaign to understand the many elements that must be combined into a working email campaign.

1. Add an Email Campaign

This feature allows you to create and maintain email campaigns. 

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Configuration from the Campaigns menu.

    1. To add a new campaign:

      • Click New Campaign

      • Select Email from the drop-down selection list.

      • Click Next. The Edit Email Campaign dialog opens.

The fields that need to be defined in an email campaign are:

Field Name

What you should do

Campaign Title

Enter a meaningful name for the campaign.


Do not include quotation marks in the campaign name.

Campaign Description

Enter the description of the campaign.

Campaign Group

Select a Campaign Group from the drop down selection list.

Allow free-format emails

Click this checkbox if you want to allow agents to send free-format emails - that is, emails that are not based on a pre-defined email template. Otherwise, agents will have to select one of the email templates assigned to the campaign as the basis of their reply email.

Require email address confirmation

Click this checkbox to alert users if they use an email address that doesn't pass standard email format rules (Eg it doesn't have an '@' symbol or it contains a comma). A note appears saying:

"The input email address 'abc@mailserver.com' appears to be invalid. Please confirm that you do want to use this email address, by pressing OK, or press Cancel and go back and correct it."

Please note that you can only use ',' or ';' as a delimiter between emails addresses, if you use a space you will get this error too, although the email will still send.

Allow put back to queue

Click this checkbox if you want to allow agents to return emails to the queue after they have taken one

Allow move to another campaign

Click this checkbox if you want to allow agents to move an email to another campaign

Allow save as a draft

Allows agents to save an email in "draft" format to enable them to take a call and then return to the email

Email Channel

Use the drop down selection list to nominate the email channel that this campaign will use. The first option in the list is the Organisation Default Email Campaign, which is set in the Settings section in Administration.

Service Level Period

Input the period, in seconds, against which the Service Level metric for this campaign is calculated. For example, if the target Service Level is "80% of emails answered within 180 seconds", then the Service Level Period is 180 seconds.  

Assigned Teams

Go to the Assigned Teams Tab

  1. In the Is Assigned column select All

  2. Select the Teams you would like to add the Agent to

  3. Press the Add button in the header

If the relevant Team doesn’t display you can create in the Teams module in the Administration menu

2. Display Email Campaign Details

Email Campaign Details is a snapshot view of a contact centre email campaign.

Where to find this feature 

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Configuration from the Campaigns menu.

  3. Locate the Campaign Group you wish to open and click Show. A list of the campaigns in that group is displayed.

  4. Select the email campaign to be viewed. The Campaign Details are displayed for that campaign.

The Campaign Details Display gives a summary view of the key settings for a particular email campaign. 

Campaign Details

Field Title


Campaign Title

The name of this campaign. It should be a meaningful name.

Campaign Description

A description of the campaign.

Allow free-format emails

Yes or No

Service Level

Service level period added in seconds

Email Templates for Campaign

Below the main Campaign Details display is the Email Templates List which allows you to view, add and delete email templates that will be accessible for use by agents in the campaign.

Any configured email templates are shown in the following list, which has these columns:



Template Name

The name of this Email Template.

Email Subject

The default Subject line of the emails that will be generated from this Email Template.

Added On

The date and time when this Email Template was added to this Campaign.