The Chat Templates module allows you to view, search, add, and maintain chat templates.

Where to find the Chat Templates module

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Chat Templates from the Resources menu.

What is a Chat template?

A Chat Template is a piece of text that an agent will undoubtedly want to include in a chat session and is therefore supplied to the agent for easy inclusion rather than expecting them to type the text in full and with consistency.

For example, a company description that an agent might include in the chat to introduce the company:

"ACME has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing world-class, innovative widgets since its foundation in 1984. It is the third-largest widget supplier in the South-East Asian region with a base of over 34,000 clients in 17 countries."

There are three ways that an agent can insert the template text during an active chat session:

  • type a colon followed by the snippet text (e.g.: ACME).

  • Click on the Add to Chat icon and edit the text to suit the session.

  • Click on the Transmit to Contact icon which sends the text to the contact unaltered.

1. Add or Edit Chat Template

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Chat Templates from the Resources menu.

  3. To create a new template, click on the Add icon in the display header.

  4. To update an existing template, locate the template and click on the Edit icon in the same row.

Edit the Chat template as described in the following table:

Field Name

What you should do


Enter the template text.


Enter the snippet text.

System Variables

This menu appears when you click in the Template text box.
Select a system variable name from the drop down menu.

System Variables are the means used in the contact centre to communicate internal system information to users, agents, or customers.

2. Display Chat Templates

This feature is used to display a list of templates created for the contact centre, and to locate a particular template for editing.

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Select Chat Templates from the Resources menu.

For each file, the list displays the following details:



Select/Deselect the template


The Template name is displayed on the top line and the Snippet Text below it.

Created By

The name (first name and last name) of the user or agent who most recently edited the strategy.

Created On

The date and time at which the strategy was most recently edited.

An edit icon appears if the mouse pointer is hovered over a file record.
Click the Edit icon to open the Add or Edit Chat Template dialog.

Quick Search

If you know the Template Name, enter it into the Quick Search field and click the Search icon to locate the template with that name.

Search Options

This advanced search feature allows you to reduce the list of templates displayed by adding one or more search criteria.

  1. Click Search Options to open the advanced search options.

  2. Enter your search criteria.

  3. Click Search.

The search criteria include:

Search Parameter

What you should do

Updated from

Enter the first date of the search range.

Updated to

Enter the last date of the search range.


Enter a part of the Template into the text field. The search will return every file that matches the fragment.


Enter a part of the Snippet into the text field. The search will return every file that matches the fragment.

Updated by

Click on the field to see a list of all users. Select an User from the list or select All.