Chat Campaigns are used to manage Chat conversations generated by customers on your website.

To create a Chat Campaign follow these steps: 

1. Add Group

This is a folder to add your campaigns to, for example, you could have a group for all marketing campaigns and another for inbound inquiries.

  • Go to Campaigns > Configuration

  • Click ‘Add Group

All campaigns need a group, however, if you would like to use an existing group for a campaign you can skip this step

2. Add Campaign

Create your campaign:

  • Go to Campaigns > Configuration

  • Click ‘Add Campaign

  • Select Inbound Campaign

  • Give it a name, for example 'Product Queries', and choose a Campaign group to add it to. For more details about each configuration press here.

  • Go to the 'Assigned Teams' tab add the teams that will be working on the campaign. Click here for more information

  • Press Save

3. Add a schedule

If one doesn’t exist or if the Chat operation hours are different you can add a new one in Resources > Schedules

4. Assign a Chat Theme

If you do not want to use the default you can create a custom one in Resources > Chat Themes

5. Create chat templates if required

These are templated responses to frequently asked questions that can be sent to customers as is or modified and sent. They are created in Resources > Chat Templates and then you need to add your newly created template to the campaign by going to Campaigns > Configuration

6. Add Agents

Assign Agents to your campaign:

  • Go to Campaigns > Queues

  • Select your campaign from the Queue List on the right of the page and press Edit

  • Move the assigned agents from the Agent pool on the left to the relevant box on the right

For more details on each of the configurations press here or watch a video here

7. Add Wrap Codes

Add codes that the agents will use to close calls, for example: ‘Sale’, ‘NoSale’. These can then be used in reports.

  • Go to Campaigns > Wrap Codes

  • Select your Campaign in the top left corner

  • Use the ‘Assign Wrap Codes’ button to add the relevant wrap code from the available list

If you do not see the code you need you will need to create it. Click here for more information or watch a video

8. Create Wrap Codes, then Assign them to your Campaign

Go to Campaigns > Wrap Codes


9. Test your campaign

Go to the Preview tab in the campaign 

10. Ask website manager to activate Chat

Copy and paste the code from the Widget tab of the campaign and send it to the website content manager