Campaigns are the heart of the contact centre and are the mechanism by which voice, chat, and email campaigns are managed, monitored, and operated.

The Campaigns menu offers the following modules:

Chat Surveys

The Chat Surveys module allows you to create the surveys for your chat campaigns.


The Configuration module allows you to create and maintain voice, email, and chat campaigns.

Data Fields

The Campaign Data Fields module allows you to import information into a campaign that can be used by the agent in a script.

Note: Please note that there is no limit to the total number of data fields you can set up per campaign, however, the total number of characters for all the data fields must not exceed 32,000 characters.


The Leads module allows you to search, import, manage, display, and filter leads.


The Queues module allows you to:

  • associate agents with queues.

  • prioritise which agents receive incoming calls first.

  • prioritise which inbound voice campaigns are answered first.


The Scripts module allows you to create campaign specific scripts which:

  • dictate what the agent says to the contact

  • determine what customer data is displayed to the agent

  • determine what data is gathered from the contact.


The Transfers module allows you to assign one or more transfer destinations to a campaign — from a pool of available transfer destinations — so that they are available to an agent working on that campaign.

Wrap Codes

The Wrap Codes module allows you to:

  • add new wrap codes to the pool.

  • assign wrap codes from the pool to a campaign.

  • associate an email template with a wrap code.