This wallboard report presents a visual summary of the current status of a specified set of online agents and the duration since their last status change. It also provides a count of the agents in each status.

The agent statuses presented are: Waiting, Talking, Wrapping, Pause, Preview, Dialling, Manual Preview, Hold, Email, and Chat.

Where to find this template

See Add a Report to your report page for instructions on accessing this report.

About a report based on this template

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Display campaign name for Agents in Talk, Wrap, etc.

The campaign name is presented as a tooltip when the mouse is hovering over an agent name while he/she is in Talking, Wrapping, and Dialling state.

Additional Functionality - Agent IDs on wallboard

Historically, when a supervisor wanted to select an agent to Monitor using the dial-in method, they needed to know the agent's Agent ID.

This information was not shown on the Agent Performance Wallboard, so they needed two reports open if they want to select an agent to monitor based on data in the Agent Performance Wallboard, such as talk time.

In the 6.0.12 release, this functionality was added and when the Agent ID check box is ticket the Agent ID appears in the report.