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New Features

  • Maintain Position in Queue

  • Custom Script

Release Notes 7.11.0.pdf



New Features

  • Teams and Roles

  • List Weighting

  • Dynamic Play sound

Release Notes 7.5.0.pdf



Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes to CTI Adaptor




  • Ability to put working URL links into Chat Templates

  • New field added to Live Reports to report on calls that have been converted to Outbound.

Release Notes 6.8.0.pdf



  • Ability to play announcements from CTI during a call

  • Block inbound from a specific phone number and outbound call to a specific phone number - contact your service provider for set up

Release Notes 6.6.0 .pdf




  • Local Area Based CLI

     - This feature will enable the Dialler Manager to customise the CLI on an Outbound Campaign based on customer location, which will make the CLI appear as local CLI for every lead

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) -To comply with GDPR, new API endpoints have been introduced to anonymise and truncate your Customer details from Inbound, Outbound, Chat and Email campaign

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  • Inbound Lead Management

     - When an inbound agent receives a return call from outbound campaign, agent should be able to process the call as outbound call and update the lead information and wrap the call same way an agent would handle an outbound call in the Agent Toolbar

  • Restrict agent's ability to listen to other people's call recordings in the CTI Adapter


  • When an Agent loses the voice connection, the name of the agent will appear in RED on the Agent Performance Wallboard.

Release Notes 6.2.0.pdf





Release Notes 6.0.42 V2.pdf


CTI 0.8.11

  • Improvement in CTI Adaptor to allow transfer to a phone number outside the transfer pool 

  • Fixed an issue in CTI Adaptor where conference icon was still displaying after completing conference call

  • Fixed an issue where call duration was incorrectly stamped in Zendesk integration with CTI Adaptor 

  • Fixed an issue in CTI Adaptor where second agent/third party in transfer sequence is in "limbo" state after a customer has hung up during attended transfer  

  • Fixed an issue in CTI Adaptor where buttons were greyed out on the wrap state

  • Fixed an issue where "call start date" and "call end date" was inaccurately stamped for transfer call in Salesforce integration with CTI Adaptor

Release Notes 0.8.11 (CTI Adaptor).pdf



  • New endpoints have been added to our API

  • Included are improvements to existing features and bug fixes 

  • Full details of the release are listed here:

Release Notes 6 0 38.pdf



  • Included are improvements to existing features and bug fixes 

  • Full details of the release are listed here:

Release Notes 6 0 37 v 2.pdf




Release Notes 6 0 34.pdf




Release Notes 6 0 33.pdf



  • The Agent Toolbar can now display a logo, webpage or intranet in the top half of the screen while the agent is not on a call. This is configured in Organisation Settings

  • A new menu called Integration has been added that includes API Keys and Web Services

  • Web Services are now available for all clients. This feature enables you to connect your IVR to any REST API enabled database over the internet. An example would be you record a message in your IVR asking callers to enter a reference number on their keypad and the web service connector will query a database and return details about that reference to your IVR

  • Support for Stereo call recording has now been added - please contact support if you would like this enabled 

  • Intermittent missing next call agent notification beep issue is now fixed



  • Result field added to the Workflow Activities Data set which tracks the caller journey through the IVR capturing keypad choices and all other activities performed while in the IVR

  • Agent Performance Wallboard

     now has Chat and Email fields available

  • New permissions added to the email module that restrict the Agent's ability to transfer emails to another campaign and return an email to the queue. This is set at the campaign level

  • In the Agent Toolbar, the total queue number is now hidden if all the other queues are hidden for a given agent. Previously you could hide the individual queue totals for voice, chat and email but the total of all 3 would still show, now if you hide the other queues the total queue is also hidden

  • Maximum 'Auto Preview Timeout' in Outbound Campaigns has been increased to 2 minutes

  • Browser freeze issue caused by replying to an email with a blank email template is now fixed

  • When you delete a report that has scheduled export events associated with it, you now get a notification to let you know that these reports will no longer be sent 

  • You can now delete emails that have not been actioned from the email management module in the Workspace, enabling administrators to remove spam that has made it through the filters

  • Maximum Recycle Time in the Dialler Strategy module has been increased from 3 to 10 days

  • Agent Toolbar full-screen view now available for the email module



  • Agents must select a pause reason after they have pressed the Pause button. If they do not they will remain Unpaused (this only applies if the 'Force Valid Pause reason' setting configured), previously they would be paused with no reason

  • If voice connection drops Agents now get a desktop notification

  • Manual calls can now only be added to Campaigns the Agent is assigned to, previously agents saw all campaigns

  • The 'Extension' transfer type has been removed from the transfer type list

  • Agent Wallboard colours have been changed to make them clearer from a distance particularly the white on yellow

  • Details of the QA agent marking the recordings now show in the Export Calls report (Quality Assurance module)

  • Section labels in the QA Setup screen are now editable even after they have been saved (Quality Assurance module)



  • Lead id and Last Agent Interaction ID added to the search results of Workspace>Management>Callbacks

  • Email Campaigns now have a configurable Service Level Period

  • New field called 'Abandoned within short call duration' added to the 'All queue' Wallboard'

  • Quality Assurance Note field

     has been added to the end of the questions section

  • A 'Play Recording' button has been added in the Quality Assurance Questionnaire section

  • Extended Auto-wrap feature to Inbound and Outbound Campaigns has been added which enables Agents to extend the Auto-wrap time by a limited period if they need extra time to wrap the call

  • Create Schedule user permission

     added which means Users can create and edit Schedules without being given permission to edit the whole Workflow



  • Allow a user to configure the length of a call that triggers a survey

  • Session Time Out now adjustable up to 24 hours

  • Import score cards to campaigns



  • Password reset

     ability for Workspace users

  • Activity ID in email

  • Display carrier alias and status in Workspace

     feature to manage impacted service



  • System Wrap Codes

     can now be removed from the agent toolbar

    • Browser spell checker

       within the email composition text editor area is now available

  • Activity field in the QA module is now in the user's time zone



  • Enhancements to the "Business Hours" module to support "Exceptions"

  • Agent Performance Wallboard - Display campaign name for Agents in Talk, Wrap, etc.

  • Desktop Notifications

     for the Chat module



  • Agent ID has been added to the Agent Performance Wallboard

  • Loading speed for the callbacks module has been improved

  • State on Agent Performance Wallboard can be enabled/disabled

  • The entire Chat Widget title bar is now clickable to open Chat Widget



  • "Clone Workflow" has been restricted to Super User role, any clone requests can be directed to the Helpdesk

  • Workspace: Scripts: 'Save' button can be seen properly now, not cut-off in the pop-up window anymore

  • UI improvements: Adding units (mins or secs) and replacing '0' with disabled in various locations of the system

  • Page loading in the calls module has been improved by limiting the loaded records to 10.000 at a time