Agent and call information can be exported to a third-party workforce management solution enabling you to:

  • Start improving your service levels and reducing staffing costs by closely matching staffing levels to call volumes with accurate forecasts, intelligent real-time monitoring, and reporting. 

  • Constantly track the accuracy of your forecast in real-time and quickly identify any deviations and emerging trends. 

We currently integrate with:

This will require some professional services to set up initially.

1. How does it work? 

2.What fields do we Export?

Field name



The unique identifier of the agent


A date time string that represents the time that an activity occurred


The endTime will only be provided as part of the PUT request. In the event that no endTime is updated on an activity, the next event to occur will act as the end event for the currently active activity


Unique identifier for the type of activity. This will be mapped to the task type within AgyleTime, and will normally be the name or other unique identifier for the activity in the client system. For example: 'available', 'break'


For any activity that represents a customer interaction, the workstream details should be provided


The wait time for a workstream activity - such as a call, web chat etc. This is the wait time encountered by the end customer before the interaction was picked up by the agent. It is an integer in seconds


unique identifier for the interaction


The identifier for the workstream type. This will normally be a queue or campaign name


This should identify the type of interaction. (Inbound Call, Outbound Call, Inbound WebChat)


The total interaction time in seconds