ipSCAPE supports ServiceNow integration. Once configured you will see a 'softphone' within ServiceNow from which you can make and receive calls.

1. Compatibility

ipSCAPE supports CTI integration up to the following versions of ServiceNow:




Paris (Q3 2020)


Quebec (Q1 2021)


2. Configuring ServiceNow Integration

In order to set up integration you will need to log into a ServiceNow instance as an administrator and complete the following steps:

  • Add Plugins (Openframe, Service Desk Call & CTI softphone)

  • Configure the Openframe to point at ipSCAPE 

Add Plugins

Go to the System Plugins screen by searching for plugins on the left-hand side of the management console:

Then double-click on the Plugins option from the Systems Definition menu shown above and you will open the Systems Plugins screen on the right-hand panel. The following plugins are required:

  • Openframe

  • Service Desk Call 

  • Notify

  • CTI softphone

Repeat the following steps for each plugin:

  1. In the 'Go to' box add the name of the plugin you want to add and press return:

  2. Select the required plugin from the search results and this will open the plugin management screen where you will need to select Activate/Upgrade:


  3. Follow the prompts to complete activation until you reach the following screen then select 'View Plugin List' and repeat the process with the other plugins you need to install

If the activation fails this may be due to a dependency for this plugin that has not been installed.

In this instance go to the 'View Logs' option and find the name of the plugin that needs to be installed and then go back to step one and install it.  

 2. Configure Openframe Plugin

Now the Openframe plugin is installed we need to configure it

This is the only plugin that needs configuring for the ServiceNow CTI


  1. Find the Openframe plugin by entering its name in the search box on the left-hand side of the screen and select Openframe > Configurations.

  2. Click New and enter the following details and press Update to save.

The configuration below is demonstrating a specific use-case and will not be applicable across all scenarios.
For further assistance with specific use-cases, please contact your ServiceNow administrator or service provider.




ipSCAPE CTI Adapter








Check this box


To activate this field you need to press the padlock  button

Then replace the bold red parts of this URL and paste it into the field:


yourcompanyname - this should be replaced with the first part of your ipSCAPE Workspace URL

XXXXXXXX - this should be replaced with the default API key from your ipSCAPE Workspace for details on where this is click here 


"identifier": "sn",
"screenPopConfig": {
"inbound": {
"useCtiDo": "true",
"sysparm_cti_rule": "cti",
"recordType": "u_new_call",
"createNewRecord": 1,
"fieldMapping": {
"sysparm_phone": "customerPhoneNumber",
"sysparm_ipscape": "activityId",
"sysparm_callType": "campaignTitle"
"outbound": {
"useCtiDo": "false",
"sysparm_cti_rule": "integration_cti",
"recordType": "incident",
"createNewRecord": 1,
"fieldMapping": {
"sysparm_phone": "platformPhoneNumber",
"sysparm_ipscape": "activityId",
"sysparm_callType": "campaignTitle"
"transfer": {
"recordType": "task",
"createNewRecord": 1,
"fieldMapping": {
"sysparm_phone": "customerPhoneNumber",
"sysparm_ipscape": "activityId",
"sysparm_callType": "campaignTitle"

3. Domain Whitelisting

Domain Whitelisting is required for versions since ServiceNow Madrid.

Use the glide.ui.concourse.onmessage_enforce_same_origin property to enable cross-origin communication between iframes. OpenFrame is only able to process messages from trusted domains that are specified in the glide.ui.concourse.onmessage_enforce_same_origin_whitelist property.


  1. Navigate to the following URL (insert your instance name):
    The entire list of properties in the System Properties table should appear.

  2. Verify that glide.ui.concourse.onmessage_enforce_same_origin is set to “true”

  3. Verify that the property detailed below does not exist by searching for the property name.

  4. If it does exist, open it, and add the relevant URLs to the value area (one URL per line). If it does not exist, click New and continue with the next steps

  5. Add the detail as follows:



Property Name/Title



To enable whitelisting of trusted domains, so they can communicate between iframes for openframe.



(For good measure, also add the URL of your SNOW Dev instance)

6. Click Save and log out and back into ServiceNow.