ipSCAPE offers numerous options for connectivity to establish a voice path for an agent.

Modernise your contact centre with ipSCAPE's Web Web Connect which facilitates calls directly through the web browser without the need for a soft-phone, desk phone, or plug-ins.

Web RTC can be used to login in all instances of ipSCAPE through the Agent toolbar or through your CRM using our CTI adaptor.

1. Requirements

  • Firefox and Chrome Browsers (latest 3 versions) 

  • 100kbps bandwidth per connected workstation

2. Receiving Inbound Calls on a Non-Persistent Connection

  • Your PC will ring and you will receive an Inbound Call notification in your browser 

  • Click once on the notification to Answer 

  • The call will be connected & you’ll see a red button appear on the Web Connect browser tab 

3. Using the Number Pad to send DTMF tones

  • Select the number pad icon on the right of the agent toolbar

3. Troubleshooting

  • If you attempt to close the Web Connect tab you will see the following warning message

  • If you select Leave, your voice path will be dropped, and the timer in your agent toolbar will appear in red

  • Log your agent out  and log in again to re-establish your voice connection